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The Slow Growth of China’s Economy

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The economy of China has reached its slowest pace in 24 years last year as it has only grown 7.4%. While most countries around the world would be rejoicing at their economic growth rate, this seemed like China’s turning point.  This is probably the reason why some companies, like Uncle Buck pay day loans LLP, in China are slowly laying off employees to keep afloat.

When the Western sanctions took effect after Tiananmen cracked down, it was the lowest annual growth for China recorded since 1990. They also came really close to missing their “approximately 7.5 percent” growth target; which would be the first time it would’ve happened for centuries. According to the predictions of IMF, India might surpass China as being the fastest growing economy in the world by next year.

China’s slow economic growth rate may seem more of a bad news for the world, but it might just be a blessing in disguise. According to Xi Jinping, this slower growth rate of China’s economy is the “new normal”. He’s most probably right. Slow economic growth is not normal, but it could be seen as an accomplishment. As what Barry Naughton, an economist has said “China’s growth is slowing because it graduated early”.

Currently, China is considered as a middle-income country due to their high standard of living and high salaries. Note that high wages mean high cost of living, it also signifies loss of low-cost manufacturing to other countries such as Vietnam and Mexico. China has also exhausted their growth potential from foreign technologies. Most of the high-tech industries in China are almost at par with their Western competition.

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savoury chef foods catering

What Savoury Chef Foods Has to Offer

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Chef Taryn Wa and her partner Kyle Nordman established the Savoury Chef Foods catering way back 2006 as a personal catering company. However, with the overwhelming support of their clients, they slowly expanded into a high class catering company and events coordinator that offers a wide variety of menus for special events such as corporate parties, wedding celebrations, and other social gatherings. From Asian-inspired menus to classic cuisines, they’ve become popular for their elegantly cooked meals along a wide range of cooking genres.

What started as a two-man business has evolved into a 40 full-time staffs in a 10,000 square foot commercial building. They have a production hub situated in the Strathcona neighborhood in Vancouver, catering to thousands of satisfied guests giving excellent reviews.

Although a lot has changed from 2006, Savoury Chef has remained committed to utilizing fresh, local ingredients in every cuisine it serves; primarily because for them, fresh produce tastes way better than preserved ones. They constantly renew their menus to ensure that they would serve the best of what Vancouver has to offer.

savoury chef foods catering

Strathcona neighborhood in Vancouver



Alternative to Banks? Think Twice

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According to financial experts, it is very irresponsible to say or even suggest that the fringe financial services like payday loan and check cashing are viable or better alternatives to banks. These fringe financial services charge very high fees but until now, there is no concrete figure of how high they become. In the reports, an underbanked family is spending over an average of $2,400 to fringe services, this amount is an astounding figure and worse, they are people who belong in the bracket of low income.

In numerous studies, they said that banking services are often associated with an increased financial stability at the same time giving customers the ability to transact, save, reduce chances of predator lending and theft and gain more access to competitive and fair loans. The problem is that bank accounts are also getting more expensive, trickier and they even have hidden costs but these factors should not impair the 93 million undeserved and unbanked American citizens to fringe services.

Yes, it cannot be denied that there are legitimate payday loan lenders like the QuickQuid and other major companies giving aid to people who need immediate cash. The bottom line into this problem is for every borrower to become responsible to avoid the huge charges and fees imposed by these companies. (more…)

learn how to stop identity theft

How To Stop Identity Theft

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Identity theft is getting worse each day and a serious problem faced by many individuals. This is the reason why you should know how to stop identity theft and make your credit score and report more secure. As more and more people make ways to stop identity theft, this will also lessen the incidents of the crime.

learn how to stop identity theft

To stop or prevent identity theft, it must start on how well and careful you are with your personal information. This article recommends simple precautions so that you will learn how to stop identity theft. These are:

  • Bring essential documents only when going out of your home. This means that you can stop identity theft if you do not bring extra credit cards, passport, birth certificate or Social Security card. In case your things will get lost, only few information are disclosed.
  • New checks should not be mailed. When you order new checks, do not send it to your home through mail, instead, get them at the bank personally. This will stop identity theft since it will be harder to steal, alter and encash the checks by identity thieves.
  • Be extra careful when someone calls and asks for personal information. The most common scams of identity thieves are calling individuals over the phone claiming they are government agencies or banks. Never ever give your personal information unless you are the one calling.
  • Do not throw your trash anywhere. Your receipts, bank statements, credit card offers, returned checks and other sensitive personal information documents must be shredded before throwing them. If you happen to throw or leave these documents anywhere, they can be very helpful for identity thieves who are looking for every  opportunity to steal.
  • Make sure that other people with your personal information are keeping your safety too. Your landlord, employer or anyone who has access to your personal data should keep the records safe or does not disclose any of your information.
  • Be in control of your credit. If you do not have the time to check your credit score and report regularly, make sure you avail of the services of a credit monitoring company that can alert you with any changes of the credit report. This is a very helpful way to stop identity theft.
  • Your Social Security Number should be protected always. To stop identity theft, inform your bank not to print or include your SS number on the personal checks.
  • Check the cycle of the credit card billing closely. Some identity thieves start by changing the person’s mailing address, you have to make sure that you receive the bill every month.

The most effective way to stop identity theft is to become proactive and take extra careful with your personal information.

stockpair review

What Makes Stockpair a Feasible Trading Choice

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When it comes to trading in binary option, stockpair is considered to be the king of stock pairs. Aside from the regular assets such as Commodities, Forex Pairs and Indexes, StockPair also has the trading of relative strength in between two stocks. StockPair is comparable to Forex wherein we see at the relative strength of 2 assets and gauge which one is going to outperform the others. Currently, with the latest technology online, Forex turned out to be the trader’s favorite investment type. If know how things go in Forex market which is presently doing well with Forex market, then I tell you, StockPair is the best for you.

stockpair review

Stockpair from the name itself focused in stock options pair trading in which you will make an evaluation of the relative strength of particular stocks and gauge which is the strongest and which is the weakest. From that, you will decide to call and put for that stock pair in that order. Somewhat, they have an average minimum deposit. With just $200, you can begin to trade through this. $20 is the minimum trade size and $500 is the maximum. As we can see, Stockpair is for a beginner to an averaged trader. For instance you have $100,000 amount of cash to invest, then for me $500 is just too small to trade. If such is the case, I would suggest 24Option. It’s a broker that allows very large maximum trade size. Actually, 24Option has the highest trade size offer in Binary Options field. Moreover, Stockpair demo account can be accessible once you’ve opened with them a live account. There’s also deposit bonus available.

Furthermore, stockpair has a broad range of basic assets with more than 90 assets for trading available. Based on our understanding, they will incorporate more assets sooner. Basically, they have every asset that is found on other broker of binary options, from the main forex pairs, stocks to commodities. Aside from the major stocks in Europe and US, they have stock assets in Middle East and Asia too. Thus, Stockpair can serve people around the globe with various preferences. We were really impressed with the amount of assets they have and still, they are searching to add more.

I hope you like this brief Stockpair review.

Average monthly wage of newly employed

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Definition: Total number of accessions that were not employed by that employer during the previous 4 quarters. (MERIC)

Average Monthly Wage of Newly Employed, 2001 - 2006

Rationale: This is an indicator of economic well-being of new or recently displaced workers.

Average Monthly Wage of Newly Employed, 2001 - 2006

Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

HIV/AIDS cases

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Cumulative HIV/AIDS Cases in Boone County, 2000-2004

Definition: This is the cumulative number of persons living with HIV or have contracted AIDS living in Boone County.

Rationale: This statistic meets most criteria and demonstrates the cumulative number of HIV/AIDS cases in Boone County. This statistic can provide a trend that can be monitored regarding the prevalence and spread of this disease.

Data Source:This information is available on an annual basis from the Missouri State Department of Health and Senior Services.

Boone County Indicators Committee

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Lynn Barnett, Assistant Superintendent – Columbia Public School District

Linda Cooperstock, Public Health Planner – Columbia/Boone County Health Department

Gloria Crull, Executive Director – Family Health Center

Bill Elder, Director – Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri-Columbia

Mike Fester, President- Job Point

David Franta, Executive Director – Columbia Area United Way

Diana Hammond, Programmer Analyst – Expert – Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri-Columbia

Robyn Kaufman, Director of Family & Community Living Support – Boone County Family Resources

Tanna Klein, Program Coordinator – Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri-Columbia

Tom Lata, Community Development Coordinator- City of Columbia

Cindy Mustard, Executive Director – Voluntary Action Center

Kathy Neal, Community Initiatives Director-Columbia Area UW

David B. Oliver, PhD, Department of Family & Community Medicine, Assistant Director and Research Professor – MU Interdisciplinary Center on Aging

Phil Steinhaus, Executive Director – Columbia Housing Authority

Al Tacker, Executive Director- Family Counseling Center

Michael Webber, District Administrator – State of Missouri, Department of Corrections, Board of Probation and Parole

Number of Medicaid eligible elderly

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Number of Medicaid Recepients 65 & Older in December, 2002 - 2006

Definition: The total number of Boone County Medicaid recipients age 65 and older during the month of December.

Rationale: This statistic meets all criteria and demonstrates the number of elderly (age 65 and older) who are low-income and need state assistance.

Data Source: Department of Health and Senior Services Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA).

Untreated Dental Disease

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Definition: The number of emergency department visits for dental pain at Boone Hospital Center and University of Missouri Health Care.

Rationale: Boone County has a significant problem regarding access to oral health services for low-income persons or persons who lack dental insurance. Oral health disease is related to poor control of other chronic illnesses and premature births. Dentist participation rates and services covered by Medicaid are inadequate.

Data Source: There is no standardized collection/reporting of this information. This problem is viewed by public health professionals as significant enough to warrant annual contacts with local emergency departments to obtain a report on the number of visits for dental pain. These visits are considered a last resort for management of the pain.

Emergency Room Visits Due to Untreated Dental Problems, 2002-2005